Tokyo Keiki / PR-1500

  • Work mode augments the conventional automatic steering function. Work mode is used under operational conditions which differ from normal operation - such as trawling and slow speeds, etc.
  • Automatic navigation mode is standard feature Standard NMEA interface simplifies connections with GPS navigators or plotters. Easy steering and easy-to-view display.
  • Remote Azimuth Holding is standard feature Remote Azimuth Holding can be initiated during remote steering. When the vessel is turned on a planned course by remote steering with the RAH switch activated and remote controller dial returned to the neutral position, the course setting can be stored in memory.
  • Evasive steering (Override function) standard feature NFU steering can be employed in any of the steering modes.
  • Total information display The large size LCD provides a comprehensive display of data such as ship's heading, set course, rudder angle, and control constants.

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