Dear valued customers and future customers,
our new logo and corporate design are only very small parts of our new overall appearance.
We are working on adapting even better to the changed requirements for a service partner
supporting shipping companies with their challenging daily business.

While most web pages follow mainly promotional use, we place our focus on creating a
helpful service portal for our customers with our new web page in progress, interfacing
online services and live support.

Some features will be:
- Searchable Spare Parts Data Base
- Guided First Line Troubleshooting Support
- ENC Chart Ordering Portal
- Manual Data Base
- Type Approval Data Base
- Product information
- Information on related IMO Rules and Guidelines
- Explanatory Notes on relevant topics
- (future option) Direct designated access to customer relevant data,
such as service reports, survey documents etc.

Considering the special circumstances, we are all facing together these days, also our
project might take some more time. As soon as major parts of our new service portal
will be installed and ready, we will inform you immediately.
Meanwhile we decided to start using the new Logo and corporate design already in
order to make you curious.

Stay healthy and be curious!