Thrane & Thrane / SE II

  • When considering SAILOR 406 MHz Satellite EPIRB for your vessel, you have the choice of two versions - the standard SE-II or the SGE-II.
  • The SGE-II is distinguished by a built-in GPS and the ability to provide SAR services with location details, helping them to find you faster, should you need to abandon ship. 
  • SAILOR EPIRBs are supplied with either a manual release bracket or with an automatic hydrostatic release bracket, which will activate when a vessel is sinking. It can also be supplied in a quick release bulkhead mounting bracket. 
  • SAILOR EPIRBs are small and lightweight with a fully enclosed housing, quality internal components, high intensity xenon strobe light and 5-year shelf life. 
  • Thousands of vessels sail everyday with SAILOR EPIRB and communications equipment on board so when it comes to GMDSS compliance, you can trust SAILOR.

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