Thrane & Thrane / Sailor 6248

  • Designed and built to meet the non-class VHF needs of professional mariners, SAILOR 6248 VHF is also rated waterproof to IPx6 and IPx8.
  • The advanced 3.2" QVA display ensures a clear view. Text can be displayed as white on black or black on white, for optimal daylight viewing, whilst the red backlight protects night vision.
  • SAILOR 6248 VHF features the pioneering SAILOR Replay function, which records the latest incoming messages, making them available for easy playback.
  • In addition to the standard international maritime VHF channels and 100 private channels, all relevant channel tables are included.
  • As part of the SAILOR 6000 Series, SAILOR 6248 VHF Class A features ThraneLINK, a unique new system that enables efficient communication within the network.
  • Engineers can access a vessel's network from a single point for lower maintenance and lifetime costs. The system also identifies new products in a network, making installation easier.

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